Before and after using Davis FSR to remove rust stains from fiberglass or gelcoat boat.

How To Remove Rust Stains with FSR

Learn how to safely remove stubborn stuck on rust stains from your boat's gelcoat or fiberglass, watch it disappear in front of you.

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Before and after using muriatic acid to clean fiberglass or gelcoat boat hull

How To Remove Yellowing Fiberglass Using Muriatic Acid

In this article and video combination we show how to properly use muriatic acid to safely and effectively remove yellowing from your boat's fiberglass or gelcoat hull.

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Freshly cleaned clear vinyl or isinglass

How To Clean Clear Vinyl

In this article we detail the difference in specifications between isinglass and clear vinyl along with the proper products + process required to clean clear vinyl or isinglass. Combine this knowledge with a few warnings about what not to do and by the end of the blog you'll be a clear vinyl expert.

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Clean boat outside a house in san diego

How To Wash Your Boat

Although it might sound second nature in this post we give a detailed overview of the correct procedures and products needed to wash you boat from home or the dock without stripping away your wax and other details.

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